Mar 12
Spreading happiness in the lives of elders

In a country like India where familial relationships are held in high regard, crime & abuse against the elderly is rarely talked about. But more & more elderly like are finding the courage to come out in the open and highlight what is an extremely closeted and complex phenomenon: Elder Abuse. HelpAge India is the leading advocate for Older People’s rights. They are helping India’s 100 million (current estimate) grey population to help them live with dignity, independence & self-fulfillment.

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Virka Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is playing a very important role in contributing to social and charitable cause as a part of its Social Corporate Responsibility Drive by the way of donating some percentage of the total revenue, coming from one of its leading ethnic wear portal Today Mr. Bhavneshwar Sharma (State Head, Helpage India) has conducted a seminar and shared their latest projects like Old Age Homes, Day Care Centers, Elder Residential Complexes, Mobile Medicare Units, Physio Care, Eye Care, Alzheimer Care, and Cancer Care etc. The seminar aimed at creating awareness and urge community to take action to make the city safer for senior citizens and to encourage senior citizens to empower themselves against their own vulnerability. At the end of the seminar Mr. Amit Arora – (M.D. Virka Infotech Pvt. Ltd.) handed over the cheque to Mr. Bhavneshwar Sharma to help the senior citizens so that they can have the financial independence to live a comfortable life with dignity.

HelpAge has mounted a high-profile campaign to put the spotlight on this issue and is working wholeheartedly towards sensitizing the society on the issues of the elderly. It is providing not only financial but also mental and emotional assistance to the aged so that they realize their true worth in the society. Virka Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is humbled to be associated with the organization that fosters the cause of the elderly.

Jan 25
Lohri Celebration

Finally, we got a day off!! And it was justified enough as it was Lohri!!! We, at Virka have always tried to create an aura that is homely as well as encouraging. Be it the upbeat festivals or smashing parties, there is one thing very evident in all our affairs i.e immense dedication & team work.

lohri pic

Coming back to what we did on Lohri, like always we all dressed up in our best ethnic apparels (despite the chilly winds!!). The office was well decorated with cute little kites and colorful streamers.
After working for almost half day, it was the time for the gala. The gala began with a kite decoration competition with 6 tremendous teams. The team leaders were Sudhir Ranjan, Ajit, Simrat, Megha, Tulsi & Krishna. Each team was provided with colorful materials, a kite and a time duration of 30 minutes.
As the time zapped, we all proudly hanged our respective kites on the wall of fame (it’s just a self proclaimed name!!). Even though each of the kite showed immense creativity, there had to be just 1 winner. And the winner was … Ajit & his team.

Now, it was the time to announce the winners for the titles of Best Muteyar & Best Gabru. Well, our organizers wanted the results to be fair enough, so they asked us all to vote for our personal choices. And gratefully, we got fair results, Puneet who was dressed in a beautiful red patiala suit and phulkari dupatta was awarded for the Best Muteyar & the newbie in office, Maninder was declared as the Best Gabru.

Now, it was time for some bonfire. We all headed to the terrace for the same. While few of us started flying kites, there were others cheering for them and giggling. As the bonfire was set, we circled around it’s warmth and sang lohri geets like sunder mundariye hoye !!!

At the fall of evening, we concluded the whole gala with cheerful smiles and wishes. This was all how we managed to add a few more moments to the beautiful canvas of life, all thanks to Virka – a place where we have learned to fall, stand and grow.

Jan 16
Protest against Delhi gang rape


We all heard the cry of excruciating pain of the twenty three year old girl from Delhi, who was brutally gang raped and left to die. Her cry evoked the youths of today, as they all joined hands for the martyr who died an abominable death. The rape set forward a huge youth protest not only in Delhi but also in Ludhiana where all the employee of Virka Infotech Pvt. Ltd. organized a protest march, so that she may get her due justice.
“We want people not to only know about the Delhi rape case but also of various others which have not been taken up by large number of people. We want the government and the administrative to be sensitive about rape cases and victims. We are marching to create awareness among people that women should be respected. Because a woman is a mother, a woman is a sister, she is a wife and she is a daughter.” said Managing Director Virka Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
The country has witnessed massive protests ever since the news of the brutal gang rape incident came in. The girl died after putting up a spirited fight for over 13 days, which saw her fighting against massive odds, including infection in her blood and removal of her intestines that had turned gangrenous.

Jan 2
Virka Spreading The Warmth Of Christmas

We, at Virka, realize that we are a part of society. Thus, we all geared up to spend this Christmas with society at large. For This purpose, we choose Nirdosh РA School for Mentally Challenged Children at Ludhiana to spread the warmth that Christmas brings. Nirdosh, which was started in October 1978, has been helping God’s lesser children and Virka is proud to associate itself with a noble cause. The celebration was coupled with the monthly staff birthdays as well.


Everybody from Virka was there in the campus of the school, playing and dancing with the special children. Everyone tried to make them happy by sharing gifts and goodies and helping them with the food. The best part was that the children were really happy with this gesture and were enjoying every moment of the celebration.

As a joint initiative between Virka and its employees, we planned a lunch with the children at Nirdosh, apart from gifts and goodies. We also planned to makes their winters warm, with woolens and other such goods. Along with that, we donated a Basketball Unipole in the premises of Nirdosh School, so that it could help these children in their physical exercise. We are proud and thankful of the whole-hearted approach that the whole Virka family has taken for this initiative. We believe in spreading cheer to one and all, and thus, making another effort for it.

Dec 6
It’s fun Galore at Virka in the company of DESI BOYS!

Movie time is here again and so do the oodles of fun & amusement!

DESI BOYS- Yes, this is the movie we watched last week with our colleagues. Starring Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, Deepika Padukone and Chitrangda Singh, the movie was a complete package of entertainment. Right from its star cast to storyline to climax, it made for an interesting watch. Every single scene of the movie was packed with so much hilarity that we couldn’t afford to move our eyes from it, even for a second.


And to increase the entertainment quotient, we had the company of our lovely friends and colleagues. It was a welcome change to see the otherwise hard-working and dedicated guys and gals having the time of their lives, while the Desi Boys dazzled the screens with their charismatic persona.

Such a fun-filled evening not only rejuvenated all, but also provided them with enough zest to start their work next morning with new fervor and enthusiasm.

Cheers to the spirit of Virka!

Nov 17
Efforts always bear sweet fruits, but This One Was Sweetest!!

We all possess a desire to be appreciated, no matter what form it comes in. The management of Virka understands how important it is to value the efforts of its employees and shower oodles of appreciation on them. That’s why every single effort made by the employees in the company is well acknowledged.

edogo team
This time, the acknowledgement wasn’t just heart-warming, it was mouth-watering as well!!
It was decided that the team with the highest output will be having a lunch with the Managing Director of the company, Mr. Amit Arora. For the month of September, the winner was Edogo team (Harish Kuchawa, Vikrant, Anuj, Amrita, Gaurav Sharma, Gaurav Marjara, Sunny, Chinky, Simrat, Gurdev and Gurinder along with their Group Lead-Karan got a chance to satiate their hunger with delicious dishes, while having a light-hearted chit-chat with Mr. Arora.
Wow! Can anything be better than this award to boost the morale of employees? I bet, ‘team lunch’ is the hands-down winner as it signifies “We are one family, dedicated to achieve a common goal”!

Oct 31
Diwali Celebrations @ Virka

Diwali, the festivals of lights, is considered as an auspicious day in Indian culture. Not just because it is a festival, but because of its role in removal of darkness of bad thoughts from our minds and brightening our thoughts with candidness and purity. Bright lights of Diwali fill up the environment with sheer joys and illuminate the souls. Thus, we take great delight in celebrating this festival with unbound excitement at Virka Infotech Pvt Ltd., Ludhiana every year.


This year also, a gala celebration was arranged on the occasion of Diwali. Credit for creating lively environment goes to Parul, Jaswinder, Shabnam, Tulsi, Satinder, Isha and Sanjeev who managed to come on Sunday to decorate the whole office. Since 26th was off on account of Diwali, we organized Diwali Mela on October 24th at 2:45pm. To truly relish the aura of festivities, all were asked to clad themselves in ethnic wear. Different activities were planned to make the celebrations interesting like Tambola, Musical Chair, Dumb Charades and Best Dressed Male and Female awards, which were bagged by Vikas Verma and Parwinder respectively.


It was an amazing moment to see people running madly to occupy chairs in Musical Chairs. Can you imagine guys dancing on numbers like Munni and Sheela? Well, anything is possible at Virka. The guys, who won prizes in Tambola, were made to dance on Munni and Sheela ki Jawani. To keep the audience involved, Tarundeep played an important role of an electrifying anchor and hosted the whole event along with Deepika and Amrita. A separate corner in the office was decorated with ethnic phulkaris, pots and other traditional Punjabi stuff to create a village kind look. That was especially made for the photo sessions and was appreciated by everyone.

This event had everything, be it games, traditional snacks or foot-tapping music which a real mela should have. At the fall of the evening, we concluded it by offering Aarti to Maa Lakshmi, followed by Diwali distribution by Amit Sir. Heartfelt thanks to everyone, who made this event amazing with their much appreciated presence.

Oct 10
Shri Ganeshaya Namah!

We are ecstatic to announce that we have opened up a new office at 882 Basement, Main East Park Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi. Considering the growth of company, which has been tremendous in past years, we have chosen a big infrastructure of 4000 sq.ft., which has the capacity to accommodate 150 persons. The office is fully equipped with high-end technology and latest systems. The whole office area is Wi-Fi and is complete Hi-Tech.



Shubharambh of our new office was done on the auspicious day of Second Navratra of Maa Durga. The inaugural Pooja was attended by our MD’s -Mr. Sagar Dhingra and Mr. Amit Arora and the whole staff of Delhi office.

May the blessings of Lordess Durga and Ganesha be with us always!

Sep 8
“If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? And if not now, when?”

It is very important for the Business houses and corporate to come together for the cause of betterment of quality of life in the society. This road was usually a less travelled one till the close of 2000. But now, more and more corporate houses are choosing this option to play their social responsibility towards the society, from which they are getting their main resource, i.e. Human Resource.


Virka have always been a supporter of the culture, wherein the youngsters can choose an option, where their educational and career goals are met at the same time. Virka has always supported education, created employment, which is otherwise a major concern for our country.

Now Virka has another role to play, that is, supporting the helpless and underprivileged strata of our society. It has landed his helping hand to support the old and needy people of Nishkam Sewa Ashram, run by Nishkam Trust, where many old and left-out people of the society are staying. The trust provides them clothes, shelter, medicines and treatment. This trust also runs schools for children and adults, stitching centers and training centers. All the employees of Virka also contributed towards this noble cause by donating their old clothes and other household stuff. These kinds of initiatives should be taken by all the corporates, because by these things, they will be able to repay their debt towards the society.

Sep 8
Let’s celebrate our joys! Lets grow together!

Virka’s Management has always celebrated their success with its employees. Recently we launched our new retail projects, Amydra РOur own Retail brand and India Emporium, which are considered as the most ambitious projects of ours. So, treat to banta hai!

The launch was celebrated at our both locations at the same time. The celebrations started after Mr. Amit (Director-Virka Infotech Pvt Ltd.) sliced the cake and shared few words with the employees. A tempting veg and non-veg buffet was arranged and employees had great time feasting on the delicious snacks. That was not all. At Virka, we don’t leave any opportunity to shake our legs on the beats of music. The whole environment was filled with fun and spirit of achievement!

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