Commercial and Industrial Applications of Misters

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Misters are used for helping people in large areas or members of a large crowd stay cool. They are effective whether they are used indoors or outdoors. It matters little whether the mist fan is used in an enclosed space or not.

misterMost people nowadays who are familiar with mist fans know just how useful they can be for residential cooling. People are making the shift towards using mist fans. They are very cost effective for the kind of cool sensation that they afford their owners.

However, there are people who use mist fans for reasons other than to keep themselves cool. Mist fans are actually very versatile pieces of machinery that can be used for a wide array of different commercial and industrial applications. People can say what they want about how effective mist fans can be in providing people with cool comfort, but there are plenty of people out there who appreciate them for more than that.

Misters seem like a very mundane piece of technology, especially when compared to something like an air conditioner. Nevertheless, the lack of sophistication has made it a simple solution to some complex problems. Below are just some of the ways mist fans are used in commercial and industrial applications.

Pre-cooling air conditioners with misting

misting-fansThere are plenty of buildings and structures that continue to employ air conditioning as their primary means of keeping cool. There is nothing wrong with that. Air conditioners still provide the best kind of cooling comfort in an enclosed space.

The downside with air conditioners is that they tend to perform worse during summer, just when they are needed most. Aside from a decrease in performance, the use of air conditioners are more cost prohibitive since they draw in more electricity. The air conditioner needs to work extra hard because of the scorching heat outside. A lot of commercial establishments, such as groceries and restaurants, have a difficult time managing their air conditioners.

Misters can help these commercial establishments by pre-cooling. Using a misting system on air-cooled air conditioners can help improve performance.

Helps maintain heavy machinery

Mist fans are used heavily in heavy industries. Heavy industries, especially manufacturing, often use a lot of heavy machinery. These machines produce an astonishing amount of heat. The power required to operate them and the huge number of different parts all comes together to produce the large amount of heat typically associated with large machines.

Companies want to get the most out of their heavy machines. Those things are not cheap after all and getting the most mileage out of them is one of the best ways to ensure profit. Mist fans are useful because they can help machines cool off. Preventing a machine from overheating will reduce the chances of it breaking down. Companies generally want to avoid this since a broken machine will put business operations to a standstill.

Misters are one of the most cost effective solutions for keeping a piece of heavy machinery cool.

Can be used to control the smell of the work environment

misterfanAnother unusual way industries have been using mist fans for some time now is odor control. When people smell something, what they actually smell are tiny particles that fly around in the nose. Those particles stimulate certain nerves which send signals to the brain which interprets the stimulus as smell. Preventing the particles from flying around will prevent people from smelling it.

Mist fans can help improve the working environment by simply making it smell fresher. Misters provide an extremely efficient solution in preventing the spread of odor at an extremely low price.

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